Well, you would be glad to know that the cost of installing solar panels in Singapore has gone down by a considerable degree, yet there are umpteen factors that may influence their costs.

  • The quality of the panels is of utmost importance, they tend to work better when they are of superior quality, it also spares you the trouble of misspending money on them which is usually the case when the quality is poor.

The thinner ones are cheaper compared to the crystalline ones however they may not be as long-lasting, therefore you would need more of them to have the same result as a lesser number of the crystalline ones.

  • Non-uniform rooflines are another hindrance, angle is of crucial importance as far as solar panel installation is concerned, the panels have to be positioned in such a way that they can have maximum exposure to the sun. This is the case when the rooflines are uniform but it’s problematic when they are flat, then the rooflines have to undergo some structural changes which would eventually increase the cost of installation.
  • As we all know trusted brands tend to be on the expensive side, but a poor installation job would reap trouble in the future, you would end up misspending all the savings trying to fix various problems nevertheless.

In such a vague scenario, you should always go in for somebody who knows their job well, who is well-versed with the nuances involved but is not expensive at the same time.


The cost of installing solar panels in Singapore has undoubtedly gone down by a huge margin, yet it’s always to research a little before having them installed so that it turns out to be a paying investment.