Cornmeal is easy to make, yet certain individuals might experience issues making it. In our family, the Cornmeal is made to seem to be a cake. We likewise make it a few distinct ways. High temp water Cornmeal is made with cornmeal and boiling water and seared in oil. The technique I like to utilize is heating up it in the broiler inside a cast iron skillet. This was the strategy my grandma would utilize when she arranged her Cornmeal. Project iron skillets are exceptionally flexible, and it is really smart to have something like 3 cast iron skillets of various sizes; little, medium, and enormous. When you bring back another cast iron skillet, you should prepare the skillet to forestall rust and to make a non stick surface. We season our skillet by adding vegetable oil to the skillet fried mush. We clean the skillet with cleanser and water then we cover the base with a slim layer of oil and spot in the stove for about 60 minutes. Over the long run, the skillet will obscure as the defensive covering structures. After you have prepared your skillet, the time has come to make some hand crafted buttered Cornmeal.

fried mush


2 cups yellow cornmeal

1 cup flour

1 egg

¼ to ½ cup sugar

½ can dissipate milk

1 Tbsp vegetable oil

½ stick margarine

Pre-heat broiler to 350 degrees. We spread the skillet first by scouring a cut of margarine all around the skillet and put it in the broiler while we set up my Cornmeal blend. Snatch a blending bowl and include the 2 cups cornmeal and 1 cup flour. The flour added to the cornmeal gives it that cake look when it emerges from the stove Fried Cornmeal Mush recipe. Add the sugar to the dry fixings. On the off chance that you like a truly sweet Cornmeal, we propose ½ cup sugar. We use ¼ cup since I cannot have a ton of sugar. Next include the vegetable oil, milk and egg and mix the blend. Take the hot skillet from the broiler and pour Cornmeal blend in the skillet. Set back into the hot broiler and cook until brilliant brown; around 30-45 minutes relying upon your stove. Eliminate the Cornmeal from broiler. Soften ½ stick margarine in the microwave and pour over hot Cornmeal. Cut the Cornmeal into pieces and present with your 1 meal. Since it as of now seems to be simple, our girl partakes in a buttered piece directly from the skillet.