There are plenty of things Japan has in itself. If you have visited japan only once, you won’t be able to find them all. In order to explore Japan more thoroughly, you will have to rent an apartment. Because staying in a hotel room for more than a month can take a great toll on your expenses. Besides, renting an apartment is more practical in every sense.

It doesn’t matter which part of the world, but renting a place is an extremely tiring job. Not to mention, unbelievably time-consuming as well as it needs more paperwork, which can be quite complex for foreigners. In this article, we are going to tell you about the payment structure that you need to know before hunting for your Nagano apartment or any other apartments in Japan. So, let’s start with it,


In order to rent a house in Japan, you will need lots of cash. As the payment of the rental house includes different variables that you need to adhere to. When paying for the rent the initial fees will be a huge amount. Here are the costs that you will have to include in your initial payment,

Appreciation Money

It might shock you to know that while renting an apartment in Japan you will have to pay an amount of non-refundable appreciation money to the original owner of the house. This amount generally consists of 1 or 2 months of rent. However, considering the fact that this appreciation money can take quite a toll on the tenant, many house owners don’t take appreciation money on Today’s date.

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Brokerage fee

A brokerage fee is a money you have to pay to the real estate agency that has acted as an intermediary for the contract agreement. This fee amount will be either month of salary or less than it.

Fire Insurance

It is a non-refundable amount that you will have to pay with your initial payment. It is paid to cover emergencies, such as fire or any calamities.

First-month rent

In a few places, In the initial payment, you have to include the average amount of the money according to the days left in the month plus the rent for next month. However, there is a house owner who doesn’t seek more than the current months’ rent.

Guarantor usage fees

While signing a contract, you will have to present a native Japanese person as a guarantor. It can be one of your friends, relatives or colleagues. A guarantor will help you with paying your rent or any property damages in the situation of need. In case, you don’t have a person that you can present as a guarantor you will have to take the aid of a company. Numerous companies in Japan act as a guarantor for foreigners. If you decide to use a company as your guarantor you will have to pay a certain amount of money as a guarantor usage fee.


In modern Japan, things have changed a lot and it has become easier for foreigners to rent Nagano apartment or any other apartments in urban japan. However, the money it requires to rent an apartment in Japan is still a lot. That’s why you need to do thorough research before you embark on your journey of house hunting.
















賃貸しやすくなっています長野 アパート または都市部の日本の他のアパート。しかし、日本でアパートを借りるのに必要なお金はまだたくさんあります。そのため、家探しの旅に出る前に徹底的な調査を行う必要があります。