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Vegetable delivery is quite the hot topic as no one was willing to step out of their homes during the lockdown. They weren’t allowed to either unless it was a case of emergency. vegetable shopping was not necessarily considered one. So here are some of the ways they still got some fresh ones being delivered. These ideas can still be used to have vegetables delivered to your door step.

Farm To Home

In a couple of places, the farmers put together the thought aof taking orders via calls and transporting the required vegetables delivered to your doorstep. In this way, there is no space for storage or warehouse required as the vegetables are directly loaded on the delivery truck. One advantage of this system was that if the vegetables weren’t up to mark, then it was free of cost.

Deliveries From Stores

Another idea that came about was calling the supermarkets and vegetable vendors and ordering the vegetables you want. This was the easiest method since you know the vegetable vendor you are calling and know exactly what they will have. But the only problem with this is that during the lockdowns, even these stores were closed.

Online Store Deliveries

That is when the online stores shot up in business as it was the only way out for people. There were no stores open, and people weren’t allowed to commute through the places. Except for delivery partners. So, people started trusting online stores and that is when they saw the much bigger variety of vegetables they can play with. This business making a big success just because of their wide range of vegetables.