Real-time business information is now available to corporations and software developers via ACRA’s API services, allowing them to construct innovative digital solutions that match their individual business needs.The Singapore company data api service enables a client application to interface with a server-side system to get and modify its required information. On the other hand, an API as a Service is a platform or tool.

You will get access to a vast amount of company data and information.

As the nation’s corporate registry, the ACRA collects large amounts of business data from the approximately half-million registered corporate organizations obligated to report crucial corporate information to the ACRA as required by law.

As part of ACRA’s continual efforts to better serve and meet the business sector’s expectations, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) services are being made available.

The ACRA API provides a testing environment

Businesses may utilize artificial intelligence to feed information about business organizations into online application forms or integrate corporate information into their systems to ensure a seamless process flow.In the world of application programming interfaces (APIs), service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) define how to connect with a system to get and change the data stored inside it.

Simulated replies may be generated to debug applications with the help of API. Before registering for an account or purchasing API services, interested parties may test the usage of each API service in the associated API Test Console by entering the test data that has been provided in the API Test Console.