lactation cookies

 Women who have consumed lactation cookies have reported that they have had a positive experience, even though there aren’t many studies to back up this claim. Aside from that, cookies are usually an excellent suggestion.

After all, they are, at their heart, a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips. They’re just a little bit healthier because of the addition of coconut milk, Brewer’s Yeast, and flax meal to the recipe.

Often asked query is can i have lactation cookies while pregnant The best answer is No. one shouldn’t take them while pregnant, and it is not advisable.

These are also excellent presents for new nursing or pumping mothers who are just starting. So make some cookies and bring them with you when you meet the new baby in your life. In addition to that, there is a flaxseed meal, which is high in both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Not only are these healthy fats beneficial for mom (they may help her avoid cardiovascular disease, for example), but they also help to improve the nutritional value of her breast milk: While omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are needed for everyone, the quantities found in a mother’s milk are critical for a baby’s growing immune system.

If you’re putting the finishing touches on your home before your new one comes, you may freeze the dough and bake it as required from frozen.Most lactation cookie recipes are based on these components, with some added using galactagogues such as fenugreek and barley.