The present we will take a gander at the absolute most significant reasons that you ought to and should not accept the Vivo V15 Pro. For one thing, what is the Vivo V15 Pro? The V5 is a forcefully estimated mid-run Android gadget from new smartphone creator Vivo. The phone is made in India, close to the nation’s capital, New Delhi. The phone is a lovely bit of equipment with extremely incredible specs that make for some valid justifications to purchase the phone. The first and most convincing motivation to get the Vivo V15 Pro is that it is sold as a selfie phone. This is on the grounds that it has a 13 megapixel camera on the back yet the camera on the front is a mind boggling 20 megapixels and it has a blaze as well. The front camera is a Sony unit so you can be certain that it is an extraordinary camera and Vivo has planned a great deal of programming for the V5 as well, to assist it with taking better selfies. Other than the extraordinary front camera, the Vivo V15 Pro has a wonderfully structured and produced metal body that is slight and feels incredible in the hand. To add to this, the V5 can take up to two SIM cards which is a significant element in the far-eastern markets and it additionally has expandable memory by means of a microSD card space that can oblige a card up to 128 gb.

vivo v15 pro

Vivo additionally gives you a great deal of included embellishments with the V5, which is not normal for a ton of the opposition that offers forcefully valued phones however skims on adornments in the container. The V5 accompanies a headset with a mic and remote, a charger and information link and even a vivo v15 pro for protection and a screen watch for the showcase that has been applied to the phone at the processing plant. The entirety of this implies your Vivo phone is fit to be utilized out of the case, regardless of whether you have not just gotten one of the numerous architect cases accessible for the phone. Some case creators in nations like India are in any event, offering you the choice of making a custom spread for the Vivo V15 Pro, utilizing your own photos or fine art.

The V5’s downsides

The most significant motivation behind why you probably should not accepting the Vivo V15 Pro is that it does not have stock Android. In the event that you are a devotee of a stock or a close to stock Android experience or in the event that you anticipate that your phone should get visit or convenient working framework refreshes, the V5 is not the phone for you. Vivo ships the V5 with a vigorously cleaned working framework called FunTouch which you will dislike.

Whats surprisingly more terrible is that numerous months after Google has discharged the following variant of Android; Nougat 7.0, the Vivo V15 Pro is as yet running Marshmallow 6.0 in the engine. The way that the OS is so intensely cleaned implies that the odds of the Vivo V15 Pro ever getting an update to the present rendition of Android are thin, best case scenario. The rendition of programming that you jump on the V5 is the thing that you will be left with for whatever length of time that you have the phone.