Most medical Information and literature describes the heart as a pump, but to be honest, an exquisitely unparalleled scientific marvel. But nevertheless a pump this is in stark contrast to the mystics, patriarchs and sages of ancient times to whom the heart meant a great deal more than only a pump. They wrote in literature, poetry and scripture of the heart as the center of emotion, of love and of empathy. They thought as the link of it to the religious realms and Heaven. The center was the source from which life both spiritual and physical flowed and the center of life.

But this got lost and abandoned in the rush absorb and to take the scientific wave that inundated the 21st and 20th century. The scientific tidal wave that introduced the concept that fact is what you can see, touch and taste; the Universe came by chance; This Life is an accident and the heart is merely a pump but all is not lost. Scientists and today biologists are discovering that the center is a good deal more than only a bashir dawood. That it does is a source through which we could appreciate Rush and Peace of Mind, and have a relationship with the Infinite.

Some startling Improvements are currently causing us to look again that the center is no more than a pump. None it would be better to state. The Yale New Haven Hospital in May 1988 had performed its first transplant that was powerful on Claire Sylvia, a drama teacher from Boston.

Five weeks after the Operation, when she’s permitted to drive for the first time, she heads to Kentucky Fried Chicken. It cannot be explained by her. Nor can she explain a number of other noticeable changes in her character; why she’s a strong desire for a glass of beer; why she’s beginning to look at women the way a man might look at girls for instance, or why her favorite colors are now blue and green rather than the colors of pink, and gold she used to favor. It is these incidents that prompt Sylvia to think something has happened. She knows, because she’s learned her new heart and lungs were removed from a youth. It is, she believes, safe to assume that he’d liked beer.

Following up on a Dream she had, Sylvia finds a report and looked up the issues in her library. The victim was a young guy. Tim Lamirande, his title. Sylvia finds that, yes, Tim adored chicken nuggets and enjoyed beer and visits with the Lamirande family; in actuality he carried a box when he crashed, tucked within his bike jacket. His colors were green and blue. Sylvia, tells her story from her published book Change of Heart, a narrative that has won her reservations on Oprah, Today and 20/20, and a six-figure paycheck from Disney for the movie rights. She considers that memories and conveyed to her consciousness and experiences embedded in cells in the heart of Tim Lamirande were moved to her body.