What you need to consider when you have a estate business for rent in hcmc and some reason why you should investing it

In the previous time, many investors buy flats to sell them when the price increase á a way to get more profits. However, today, renting apartment in district 3 becomes a new trend because this business is considered as a potential channel to invest, which can bring many profits, especially when the customers are foreigners. Not only the organisations but also private businessmen are interested in this type of business. However, when letting the foreigners. However, when the foreigners rent your flat, there will be many things that you should remember. Consider these rules to find renters more easily.

1/ The increase of immigrants

Ho CHi MInh city is one of the biggest cities of Viet Nam which contain a variety of activities developing the economy and attract many immigrants inside and outside the country. According to recent survey, the velocity of increasing immigrants is averagely 1.5 percents per year in Ha Noi and 2.2 percents per year in Ho Chi Minh city, which is approximately 100000 people in Ha Noi and 150000 people in Ho Chi Minh city. The situation of growing population is the reason why the demand for renting flat is increasing. Additionally, price of estate and cost of lending from the band is high, which leads to the limit of buying house of immigrants.

2/ Making apartment is an ideal way to invest your money stably:

When being affected by the fluctuation of gold prices, interest rate and the price of house, making apartments for rent is the most suitable option in this situation. Meanwhile, the main customers renting flat is businessmen, foreign officers or staff working for government, who mainly rent flats in Ha Noi city and Ho Chi Minh city, or tourist wanting to have a rest in long time in Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi city. Therefore, this type of business is a good channel to invest your cash to earn profit in long term. Additionally, This type of business can limit the risks because the rental flats are completely built and decorated, which are available to be used. The apartment will be an asset whose value will increase in 5 or 10 years and the annual profit will automatically increase flow to your pocket.

apartment for rent in viet nam

4/ Register for generating the business:

Making a saigon apartment for rent (with both local and foreign customers) is a business activity, so you should you should make a contract with the government to register for this business. Because this is a type of business, you should list them to pay tax: licence tax, income tax and VAT

Besides these rules, there also many compulsory tips to attract foreign customers and make them feel happy when living in your apartment. For example, to avoid some troubles when the customers are living in the flats, you also need to consider the fees of elevator, service fees and security fee. We wish you being successful in this business and becoming more and more wealthy.