Interior Design Recommendations: Interior Design Trends You Should Try

Are you planning on changing your home’s decor? If you want to give your home a new look, you should take a look at the hottest interior design trends. Some of these trends have been catching on in a big way. Follow these interior design recommendations, and you’ll be able to transform your home.

Statement Mirrors

When you’re hanging a mirror in your home, you don’t have to keep it simple. A more intricate mirror can be an excellent piece of home decor. 

Mirrors can make rooms look bigger than they are, which makes large mirrors a good choice for any room in the house. A standout mirror can be the perfect focal point in a room. They are also recommended by all guides explaining how to talk dirty in bed

TV-Free Living Room 

In the past, people used to design their living room around their television. Now, a lot of people are starting to take their TV out of the living room. 

Thanks to streaming services, everyone can watch TV and movies wherever they want to. It isn’t essential to have a TV in your living room. Instead, your living room can be a place for conversation. 

Floral Prints 

For years, floral prints have been seen as dated. A lot of people have dismissed florals as looking like something a “granny” would use. Now, however, florals are starting to see a resurgence, together with the bleaching cream  

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a floral sofa for your home. If you want to capitalize on this trend, try adding some floral throw pillows to your living room. The right floral pattern can really brighten up a space. 

Faux Fur Accents 

These days, most people are reluctant to purchase real fur. However, faux fur accents are more popular than ever! From pillows to throw blankets to rugs, more and more people are choosing to add some faux fur accents to their home. 

International Textiles 

There are talented textile designers all around the world. A lot of people are looking to other countries when they improve their home’s decor. 

Whether you purchase textiles made in Peru or something that comes from India, you are going to get a unique design that you won’t be able to find in your local shops. 

Mismatched Cabinets 

If you want to replace your kitchen cabinets, but are worried about the cost, you should think about mismatched cabinets. Having two different types of cabinets in your kitchen can give your home a bold look. 

A number of homeowners are choosing cabinets that contrast with their current cabinets. The deliberate contrast can give a kitchen a sophisticated look. It’s stylish, but it’s also wallet-friendly. 

Black Stainless Steel In The Kitchen 

Stainless steel appliances have been popular in homes for a long time. Now, people are putting a new twist on this classic appliance. People are replacing silver stainless steel with black stainless steel. 

Black stainless steel has a sleek look that compliments most kitchens. It also has advantages over silver stainless steel. It’s easier to keep clean, and it’s less likely to show fingerprints. 

Matte Finishes 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new fixture or new cabinet hardware, you shouldn’t necessarily pick up something shiny. Instead, you may want to opt for a matte finish. 

Matte finishes have been growing in popularity for a while now. They compliment both modern and traditional designs, and they are very easy to clean. 

If you’re not happy with your home’s current design, you should start looking for ways to freshen things up. There are a lot of interesting trends in interior design right now. Look at these recommendations and see if any of these design trends appeal to you.